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HP Boston

Boston area HP fans unite!

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Welcome to the LJ community for Boston-area HP fans. If you're within a stone's throw of Boston (*waves to Providence*), we mean you! This is basically a way for fandomy people to figure out who else is around, and to arrange some meetups in the Boston area. So if you're around, join in so we can discuss how bloody cold it is, complain about the T and rant about the Red Sox.

See our welcome post here.

That's also the place to give us meeting place suggestions and to let us know what your food preferences are, so we can plan accordingly when scheduling meet-ups.

We'd love to meet new HP fans in the area, so when you join the group feel free to post an intro. You can use this template:

<b>Age (if you feel comfortable saying):</b>
<b>I have lived in Boston/Boston-area...</b>
<b>It would take me X amount of time to get to central Boston for a meetup:</b>
<b>Interests, generally:</b>
<b>Fandomy Name(s):</b>
<b>You might know me from...</b>
<b>Fandomy leanings:</b>
<b>How long have you been in the fandom:</b>
<b>Conferences you've attended?</b>
<b>Conferences you plan on attending?</b>